DPP ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is the installer of all kind of ACMV ducting works, painting works, aluminium and glazing works, air-con repair & maintenance works, Jacketing work etc residential, commercial and industrial sector.

Highly qualify and skills worker in our team. Most of our worker worked in Singapore Company in long time and multi-skill experience. Our company is registered with Building & Construction Authority CR01 with single grade. We are also a bizSAFE3 certified company.

Due to our experience production team we provided highly standard of works, supply quality material to our Clint. Our company ensured excellent maintenance and service package at very competitive rates.


DPP ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is, Professional, Experienced and well-Equipped to handle needs in all areas of our clients. Our skill production department can provide you the below following list works:

  • All kind of ducting (ACMV) works like install HVAC equipment, MV fan, grills, fire rated works, Silencer, insulation material & GI duct etc.
  • Supply all kind of ACMV material likes GI square & round duct, fire rated material, grills, MV fan, Silencer, fire damper & insulations materials etc.
  • Installation & repair all kind of air-conditionings system.
  • Maintenance & service of all kind of: air-conditioning system, ducting system, mechanical ventilation system, hot & cold insulation system and jacketing works etc.
  • All kind of painting works.
  • Installation of Aluminium & Glazing works in new & renovation building.
  • All kind of Varnishing works.
  • Hacking works & Supply manpower.


We believe our work speaks for itself, so why not take a look at some of our recent work and read what our customers have to say about S C Cox.